Friday, 7 February 2014

Top Reasons To Not Believe in God: Reason #1

There are lots of reasons to not think twice about religion. A strong reason is if God created the earth, and all the human beings on it. then who created God? It's hard to rationally contemplate the power a human being must have to somehow just create EVERYTHING ON THIS PLANET. Scientists have proven scientific ways that the world could have been created, and they make wayyyy more sense then God just simply creating everything on this Earth. Along with this is the idea of a "virgin" having Jesus. Seriously? Obviously someone was lying during this whole section of the bible, because who can have a real kid without first having some sort of sexual interaction. Humans are on this earth to reproduce, that is how we evolve and move forward everyday. People die and people are born, There is a natural feeling of the need to produce and the sexual urges that pretty much we are born with. I find it pretty hard to believe that someone can become pregnant without having any interaction with a person of the opposite gender. Also, why is it so important that she was a virgin? Isn't it perfectly normal to just have a kid the typical way that everyone else does? There are lot's of main points in the bible that just don't make sense. We have been lead to believe and trust in the bible, but if we just stopped for one second and looked at it form a logical perspective, we would start to question it as we should. Honestly, how would you feel if your child watched a Disney movie and believed that every girl had a prince that would come to her one day, and she must wait for him to come rescue her, and she believed in all the Disney magic that comes along with that? To me the bible is the same fiction that Disney creates. It's just a story, we don't have to believe in it so much that we change our every day lives because of it, or even start wars over it.

What is "Agnosticism?"

Agnosticism is "the belief that the truth values of certain claims—especially claims about the existence or non-existence of any deity, as well as other religious and metaphysical claims, are unknown or unknowable". In other words, if you are agnostic you don't believe in specific religions and you have no concern into the truth in them. Being agnostic is basically being neutral when it comes to believing in a high power, such as God. 

As being a regular attender of church as a little girl, I believe that my judgement in what I do and don't believe in come from good judgement. It's not like I've never been exposed to a religion, I have and at a young age to. From years of going to church, I have come to a point in my life where I began to question it. It all started when I realized that I had a million questions with no one to give me the answers. You'd think for people who strongly believe in a higher being that they would be able to back up their beliefs, but they just give the same answers over and over. 

As I began to grow older, little details in the church began to stick out to me. If God answered all prayers then why must they collect money from the same people EVERY SINGLE WEEK. There are millions of starving people out in the world, but the money that goes into collection plates just gets put back into the church. Also, not to discriminate or anything, but if you look around, the main age attenders are people over 60+. They go there to socialize with people, as that makes them feel like they are going out. In my opinion, the whole idea of religion was created to comfort people. Wouldn't you be scared to not know what happens after life on earth? The thought of being welcomed by an "all mighty God" is more comforting then not fearing the unknown. I believe that the bible was made so that people wouldn't be afraid to pass on from this life, but people began to put all their heart and soul into it, and completely lived it in their everyday life.